Sunday, May 16, 2010


I just have time for a quick update before I go to bed. Yes, it is only 9:00. But in the last few days, the word that best describes me is: tired. I actually still feel good, much better than I thought I would at this stage. Maybe that's just because whatever discomfort I feel, I know it will be over soon. But I am finding that simple activities like cooking a meal or straightening the house wear me out and I need to take a nice long rest afterward. Fortunately my new work schedule allows me to do that. It also takes me forever to get up or walk anywhere. My uterus is pretty sensitive to movement sometimes so I have to walk reaaaaaally slow or I have Braxton Hicks contractions a lot. I feel like a pregnant large mammal such as an elephant or hippopotamus instead of a human. Lots of lumbering, waddling and belabored movements.

We had our home visit with our midwive and "birth team" today. We made sure all the essentials for our homebirth were in place and discussed some details. It's crazy that he could be here anytime. Tonight, for all I know. I realize that at 38 weeks with my first baby, it's not likely, and he could really be almost a month longer. But it's still hard to believe. At one point I held up one of our little newborn diapers to my belly, and we laughed at the thought that it already fits him!

Joshua starts his new job tomorrow. He will be doing groundskeeping on the campus of Virginia Western, the community college he just got an Associate's degree from. It's only 30 hours a week, but it pays better than my job so it is almost equivalent to what I have been making. So that will allow me to work part time at the most, which is really important to us. I worried so much about how things were going to work out for us financially when the baby comes, but like everyone said, it all works out in the end. I am excited because for however long it lasts, 30 hours a week means a few more hours a week that Joshua can be with Malachi, and maybe me too, depending on the work schedule I end up having. Not many dads get that luxury with their newborn, so we definitely realize it is a gift.

Also, Joshua has been remodeling the bathroom. It's not done yet, but it is fully functional, which was my biggest concern. We didn't have a shower on our level, and I just knew I didn't want to deal with having to go upstairs to use the bathtub during labor or the days following. I have been so thankful for his hard work. He says I should buy him a fishing pole in appreciation for it. I say he's already getting a baby, what more appreciation does he want?!

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  1. How about a baby and a fishing pole for him and a big box of chocolates for you, having to endure home renovations during this stage of pregnancy!!!

    I can remember the waddling and lumbering, believe it or not! Resting now is a very wise thing. Glad you are using common sense. I will be so happy to see that little fellow with my eyes once he makes his entrance. Praying for you.