Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I have posts I want to write, but not the opportunity at the moment.

You all know how it is. When Malachi is asleep, I have to do homemaker stuff. If he's asleep in my arms, I can use the computer, but not do much typing. I can use my laptop while he is sleeping next to me before I go to sleep at night, but alas, it is out of commission at the moment. That's why it's been almost three weeks since my last post. That, and health issues. But we are over those, and the computer should be fixed soon.

So, you will hopefully hear from me again before too long. But for now, I've got to mop up some spilled juice while Malachi sleeps.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Catching Up

Joshua is with a friend right now and took Malachi with him. Ahhhh. I love my son. AND it is nice to have a break sometimes.

I can't believe it's been two weeks since I've posted. I'm such a bad blogger lately! We've had so much going on the last month, between my wisdom teeth, supply issues and supplement, and vacation to Arkansas. I used to blog while I was laying with Malachi feeding him before a nap. But he's gotten bigger, and it's harder to juggle the computer and a squirmy baby! I'd like to have content other than updates on Life and Malachi, but it seems that's all I can manage these days.

Malachi is five months plus one week and growing like crazy. We are still supplementing him with donated breast milk. I am still working on my supply, but I am resigned to continue that until he is eating a lot of solids if need be.

Speaking of solids, we started a few days ago! I was all about waiting until AT LEAST six months to start him. But the supply issues we've had and the interest he's showing wore me down. I still feel a little bad about it (silly, I know).

I started a gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free diet for a while. I had been having some intestinal discomfort a lot lately, and I felt like I needed a good cleaning out. The first week I was super-strict with it. This week, I am introducing low-gluten (if its freshly milled whole grain) and raw dairy here and there. I am feeling much better. I was wary about doing a detox while nursing, so this isn't what I would consider a detox. I didn't want Malachi to receive toxins that my body is purging. I've made sure to eat plenty of calories and plenty of good fats. I'm mainly eating a lot of veggies, beans, non-gluten grains, and some meat here and there. There may be some detox that takes place, but a well-balanced healthy diet can only improve my milk, so I don't have much concern. Malachi has responded well so far.

Lucky me, I am going to Bible study by myself this evening. Well, I was planning on it until I wrote that, anyway. Do I really want to leave my baby while I go off to Bible study? Hmmm. Yes. Gotta go so I can catch a shower before I need to leave.