Thursday, July 22, 2010

Flashback: 10 Days Old

I wrote this post on June 12th, when Malachi was 10 days old. I didn't post it at the time because I intended to write more, but now I will post it as it is, for my memory's sake.

Malachi is 10 days old today. We've been home a week. It's been a wonderful, hard week. I've never spent so much time with someone. When you are with a person pretty much 24 hours a day, staring at them from 12 inches away, its amazing how you notice the tiniest changes that no one else would be able to see.

I started on Malachi's birth story while we were still in the hospital. But I can't seem to finish it. The memories became so fuzzy right away. I've remembered things over the last few days, and friends have reminded me of other things.

I wish I could write a beautiful, eloquent post about babymooning, and how happy we are. But honestly, at the moment, I am feeling more "postpartum-y", than "babymoon-y". I'm tired of being dependent on drugs to feel good. I want to take a bath and I can't for 5 more weeks. For some reason that seems like a real hardship right now. I have the motivation to be up and about, but not the energy for it. I have concerns about Malachi's weight gain. It doesn't take much to make a new mama worry. I'm frustrated at how everyday living creates such a mess, and I'm not really in a position to clean it up right now.

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  1. Sandra,
    First of all CONGRATULATIONS on the arrival of sweet Malachi (who looks just like you, by the way)! I found your blog through Mandy Fessehazion and I'll be honest, I read from start to end in the last day or so.
    Its been years since we've been in touch, but now we share a common bond: motherhood. I gave birth to a lovely baby girl in February and am loving my new role as Mama.
    Thanks for sharing your birth story, I'm such a huge advocate for women's health issues, women taking charge of their medical care and just the overall awesomeness of the female body and how we well, rock!
    In reading your posts it seems like we have a few things in common, one of those being cloth diapers. I'll check back from time to time and see how things are going. I haven't been on the parenthood road much longer than you, but if you have questions or just need an outlet, I'm around. Peace to you and the Grasty boys.