Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Boys in Girls Clothes

So I just saw an amazing deal for cloth diapers from someone here in Roanoke. Fuzzi Bunz One-Size All-in-Ones. These are really great diapers, and she’s selling 15 for $250. That’s less than $14 each for pretty much the best diapers you can buy. And then I noticed…they are pink and purple. Why?! Why do people have to buy gender-specific everything for their babies?!

I would almost do it anyway, but I know Joshua won’t go for it.

I prefer gender-neutral or boy stuff that look more gender neutral. Then it’s not so clearly a hand-me-down for baby girls we may have some day. When you start looking at baby stuff, you realize that “boy stuff” can often go for both. Bright colors, neutrals, pastel blue, yellow and green, even stripes, are just as appropriate for girls as they are for boys, in my opinion. It’s the girl stuff—pink, flowers, bows, and lace—that will really confuse people on a boy.


  1. yeah those diapers are awesome! My best friend got some at her baby shower.....she made up a raffle sort of game where people donated so she could buy some diapers.....maybe thats an idea? and the way she put it....$300 for diapers that will last forever or $3000 for 3 yrs worth of diapers....

  2. This is so true! My girlfriend Claire is in a class called "Trans-gender literature" this semester, and they read a book about a woman that decided she didn't want to "do" gender. She decided to wear comfortable clothes, not put on make up, wear her hair short, etc. because she felt that it was unnecessary to do all the extra work. The result was that people didn't know how to react to her - so they addressed her as "sir" because there were no outward factors for people to distinguish what her gender was. If there is not frills, the default gender is boy! Interesting, huh?