Monday, March 1, 2010

Boom! The Father Speaks!

So here's my first addition to this blog. Don't expect it to be long and wordy, I'm a math/science person, OK? First off, it's a beautiful sight seeing your wife pregnant and glowing. It's hard to imagine, but at one point in time I thought I didn't want any children. Now I am brought to tears whenever I think about my little boy inside my wife's tummy.

If you've been following this blog than you are aware that there are some concerns about Malachi's brain/development. I've been telling Sandra (and I believe this in my heart) that whatever Malachi is like he will be our beautiful little boy and we will love him and he will make our hearts glad and we will have been blessed by the Lord. We've not even met him yet and still, words can't even describe the love that we have for him.