Monday, February 22, 2010

Pants and an Ultrasound

Just a quick post to highlight the most exciting part of my day yesterday. Drum roll, please...

My pre-pregnancy pants still fit! In a moment of desperation over an outfit that just wasn't coming together, I decided to try them on. And though I have to rubber band the closure because it clearly isn't going to clasp over my ginormous belly, my most favorite pants fit my hips, legs, and butt. These are the legs, hips, and butt, dear readers, that I was absolutely positive were clearly gaining weight. And...I was wrong. I've still got 14 weeks left--plenty of time to get the massive thighs I worry about. But for now, I am happily still a size 6.

In other news, we are having an ultrasound today to check on the placement of my placenta. Oh, I hope they don't decide it's a girl. Please stay a boy, Malachi. I don't know if my poor heart could handle an in-utero sex change.

Update: He's still a boy!


  1. That's what they told Rachel about Kristianna - that it looked like a boy! Boy was i surprised when I walked into that hospital room and saw jay looking at his beautiful, still naked - little baby GIRL! Oh well, they make mistakes sometimes. I still think Malachi is going to still be a 'Malachi' the day he is born. Hang in there sweetie!

  2. If you saw the pics of his "business" down there, you'd definitely know it was a boy. That's the nice thing about later ultrasounds. There is no mistaking his little "boyhood" down there. And we've got pics to prove it. Those will be good to have around when he's a teenager.