Thursday, February 18, 2010

26 Weeks

Things are going great. I am about 26 weeks along. My mom gave birth to my sister at 26 weeks, and for some reason that keeps coming to mind the last few days. I can’t believe I’m this far along. For the first time, I think I’m starting to feel like I don’t have very far to go. I’m realizing how much we have to do. Geez Louise.

I am also outgrowing my first round of maternity clothes, which were mostly borrowed to begin with. I am down to two pairs of pants, one of which is totally not work appropriate. I’ve been wearing them anyway. What’s a girl to do? The shirts I’ve still been wearing. But I’m having to pull down on them constantly to keep my belly covered.

My mom says I’m big for 26 weeks. I want a second opinion. 6 weeks ago, I was just starting to show (to the general public, that is). At that point, I hadn’t gained any weight. Now I’ve gained ten pounds.

Swelling continues to be an issue sitting all day at work. It’s good on the weekends, but gets progressively worse throughout the work week until Friday, by which time my right ankle looks like you could stick a needle in and pop it. Nice visual, eh?

Malachi hadn't been as active lately as he was, but a couple of weeks ago, he started moving again. This time, I can see it. Somehow, I can often see it more than I can feel it. Joshua has gotten to feel him moving more frequently which has been fun.

Joshua is a great expectant dad. He’s excited about Malachi, he’s supportive of me in my discomfort. He tells me I look good pregnant. He comes to escort me from the car to house every afternoon when I get home from work so I don’t fall in the ice and snow. He’s gotten a part time job in addition to going to school full time, just to take a little financial pressure off since we are anticipating some extra expenses relating to the baby.

I have always known that he was the Papa Bear in our relationship, protecting and providing for me. But when we are both working and there are no children in the picture, that aspect of his role in our relationship isn't as prominent. Having Malachi changes things. Joshua has assumed that Papa Bear role much more, and it suits him. And when he takes care of me, I know he is thinking of Malachi too. I feel so taken care of.

I love him.


  1. Awwww...Joshua will make a good daddy. I am sure. He has always been super with his little sisters and his nieces and nephews. Just glad you are having a boy...because I have a feeling he will be very protective. Love your blog!!

  2. thanks, rachel. i know he will be very protective. for years he said he didn't want girls because you have to worry about them too much. but he's had a change of a heart and would love a girl now. maybe having a boy first will loosen him up!

  3. So you need to post a new pic and get some opinions about your ginormous belly.

  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Hang in there with the swollen ankles. Did you ever imagine your body would do all the stuff it is doing??? What a wonderful horrible thing!