Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I am seven years older than my sister, so I clearly remember when she was a toddler and learning to communicate. I got such a kick out of her saying i-peem (for ice cream), back-a-yoom (for vaccuum), circle (for the ham and cheese roll-ups she like to eat for lunch), and mix-chew (for the mixture of different types of juices she would combine to drink in the morning). Whenever she felt we needed to buy something she thought we could get it at a store specific to that item, like the bread store.

I know Malachi has a long way to go before he's a toddler, but it will be here before we know it. I look forward to the stage when he learns to talk and starts experimenting with language. With that in mind, these are some "toddlerisms" that moms shared with Mothering Magazine on Facebook recently. They are adorable and made me laugh. I included the translations at the bottom with the corresponding number if you can't figure them out. It will be fun hearing Malachi use some of these and make up his own.

1. Slickery, Slipperly
2. Farkle
3. Libaberry, lie-belly
4. Bumbrella, Rainbrella
5. Twirler
6. "Dat's increbidle!"
7. Skun Skeen
8. Doodle
9. Punkany
10. Hound Dog Bus
11. Kepich
12. Headboard
13. Baby soup, Timmin toot
14. Bilboes
15. opticus
16. Fillow Pipe
17. Lemon-made
18. Spadachios
19. Heart beep
20. Understorm
21. Lasterday
22. Dinoscore
23. Vap-cume
24. Refrigulator
25. Resternot
26. Yipper, lipper
27. Waterlemon, ladolemon
28. Ca-buzz
29. Canpakes
30. Frip frops, slip slops
31. Imporkinant
32. Doodle
33. Comfterbler
34. Hopgrassers
35. Ska-meeto
36. Handy downs

1. Slippery 2. Sparkle 3. Library 4. Umbrella 5. Squirrel 6 "That's incredible!" 7. Sunscreen 8. Noodle 9. Company, as in, "Mom, will you keep me punkany?" 10. Grey hound bus 11. Ketchup 12. Forehead 13. Bathing suit 14. Elbows 15. octopus 16. Pillow fight 17. Lemonade 18. Pistachios 19. Heartbeat 20. Thunderstorm 21. Vaguely meaning: "at some point in the past" 22. Dinosaur 23. Vaccuum 24. Refrigerator 25. Restaurant 26. Zipper 27. Watermelon 28. Because 29. Pancakes 30. Flip flops 31. Important 32. Noodle 33. Comforter 34. Hopgrassers 35. Mosquito 36. Hand-me-downs

What about you and your kids? What toddlerisms do you still talk about?


  1. Hey Sandra,
    My kids had a couple that we refused to correct because they were so cute and then someone else ended up correcting them, to our dismay! My oldest used to say "mazagine" for magazine and "lellow" for yellow. My sister corrected and we are forever ungrateful. We knew she wouldn't be 10 years old and still saying mazagine so we wanted to enjoy the cuteness as long as we could. My 3rd daughter has trouble with the sound L and pronounces everything with a W. So, her older sister's name is "willy" instead of Lily and her younger sister is "wucy" instead of Lucy. Love it!

  2. When Sandra was about five we were going to Florida for a few days. I kept talking about going to Miami and how much fun we were going to have. On the way there Sandra asked "Are we at Mommy's Ami yet?"