Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Good Memory

I was just reading a friend's birth story and was reminded of a sweet moment after Malachi's birth.

Malachi had just been born via c-section and I was really drugged. They took me to recovery before I held him or even looked at him up close, but I was so drugged that I wasn't upset by that at the the time.

The next thing I knew I woke up and Malachi was being placed in my arms. He hadn't eaten yet. I had been anticipating this first meeting for months. But things had gone differently than I had planned and I was so tired. I was a little worried that I wouldn't have the energy to hold him securely or that he wouldn't latch on properly because of the delay.

I held him skin to skin and we figured it out together. He nursed and I stared and marveled that this little person was finally here. Our bodies snuggled together and we figured it out. It was such a sacred moment. God designed such an intimate way for our babies to receive their nourishment. How amazing is it that they can eat and snuggle at the same time? It's really quite brilliant.


  1. Hi Sandra. Remember me from Landing Place? I found your blog and check in on your life from time to time. Congrats on entering the world of motherhood! I too am a mama these days and my sweet girl turns ONE tomorrow! Just stopping by to say hi and to let you know you have a random reader out there. Be well.

  2. I have a similar memory (c-section here too) and it is the sweetest one I have of her birth. That first snuggle/nurse is so wonderful. Thanks for sharing!